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@@ -275,7 +275,29 @@ <h1 id="third">Design with data</h1>
<section class="examples">
<div class="content">
- <p></p>
+ <article class="process no-image">
+ <header>
+ <h1>Desire paths</h1>
+ <p class="status experimental">Experimental</p>
+ </header>
+ <div class="caption">
+ <p>Desire paths are a great way to understand what your user is trying to do.</p>
+ <p>You can read a great explanation of <a href="">desire paths on wikipedia</a> as well as see some <a href="">examples in this flickr pool</a>.</p>
+ </div>
+ </article>
+ <article class="process">
+ <header>
+ <h1>A/B testing</h1>
+ <p class="status experimental">Experimental</p>
+ </header>
+ <div class="example">
+ <img src="">
+ </div>
+ <div class="caption">
+ <p>We’re using <a href="">A/B testing</a> to see how colour changes can affect user behaviour.</p>
+ </div>
+ </article>
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