Frontend administration application for the digital marketplace
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Digital Marketplace admin frontend

Coverage Status Requirements Status Python 3.6

Frontend administration application for the digital marketplace.


Install dependencies, build assets and run the app

make run-all

Full setup

Create a virtual environment

python3 -m venv ./venv

Activate the virtual environment

source ./venv/bin/activate

Upgrade dependencies

Install new Python dependencies with pip

make requirements-dev

Install frontend dependencies with yarn and gulp How to install yarn


Compile the front-end code

You need Node (try to install the version we use in production - see the base docker image).

To check the version you're running, type:

node --version

Run the tests

make test

Run the development server

To run the Admin Frontend App for local development use the run-all target. This will install requirements, build assets and run the app.

make run-all

To just run the application use the run-app target.

The admin frontend runs on port 5004. Use the app at

Updating application dependencies

requirements.txt file is generated from the requirements-app.txt in order to pin versions of all nested dependencies. If requirements-app.txt has been changed (or we want to update the unpinned nested dependencies) requirements.txt should be regenerated with

make freeze-requirements

requirements.txt should be committed alongside requirements-app.txt changes.

Frontend tasks

YARN is used for all frontend build tasks. The commands available are:

  • yarn run frontend-build:development (compile the frontend files for development)
  • yarn run frontend-build:production (compile the frontend files for production)
  • yarn run frontend-build:watch (watch all frontend files & rebuild when anything changes)