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This is the code base for the UK Government's e-petitions service (
We have open sourced the code for you to use under the terms of licence contained in this repository.

We hope you enjoy it!

A few things to know:

You will need ruby 1.8.7

You will need to set up the database.yml You will need to run seeds.rb to seed the 'department' data required for moderation of petitions

For setting up a sysadmin user, run rake epets:add_sysadmin_user - the password must contain a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

To start a solr instance, run rake sunspot:solr:start To index the models, run rake sunspot:reindex

To get the selenium tests running, make sure you're running firefox 7 as your firefox browser or alternatively, have firefox 7 in one of the following locations:

/Applications/ or /Applications/Firefox

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