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ePDQ is a Ruby library for interfacing with Barclaycard's ePDQ payment gateway.


First, configure the EPDQ module for your settings:

EPDQ.pspid    = "foo"
EPDQ.sha_type = :sha1 # or :sha256, :sha512
EPDQ.sha_in   = "yourshainstring"
EPDQ.sha_out  = "yourshaoutstring"

Then you can build the form for a user to POST to, starting in the controller: All the options keys are named after the downcased fields in the ePDQ documentation, provided as symbols or strings.

parameters = {
  :amount => 1500,
  :currency => "EUR",
  :language => "en_US",
  :orderid => "1234"

@epdq_request =

Then in a Rails view, you might do something like this:

<%= form_tag @epdq_request.request_url do |f| %>
  <%- @epdq_request.form_attributes.each do |k, v| -%>
    <%= hidden_field_tag k, v %>
  <%- end -%>

  <%= submit_tag "Pay with a credit or debit card" %>
<%- end -%>

And voila, the form is generated with the correct values, including the SHASIGN field.

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