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Fourth Wall

Build Status

Pure client-side pull request and build status monitor for Github repositories.

Screenshot of Fourth Wall

How to use

The project is hosted through Github pages: http://alphagov.github.io/fourth-wall/?token=_token_&gist=_gist_id_

You will need to have a Github API token with access to the relevant repositories if you don't already have one. To do that, visit https://github.com/settings/tokens and create a new personal access token. To use the team parameter you will need to give the token the read:org permission.

The following query parameters are required:

  • token: Your Github API token

At least one of:

  • gist: ID of the Gist containing the list of repositories to monitor.
  • team: Github organisation and team name to build the list of repositories in the form {org}/{team} (requires the read:org permission).
  • team[]: Given multiple times allows for more than one team to be used to build the list of repositories.
  • file: URL of a file in a Github repo that contains the list of repositories.

Optional query parameters:

  • listinterval: Update interval for the list of monitored repos in seconds (default: 900)
  • interval: Update interval for monitored repos in seconds (default: 60)
  • filterusers: Only show PRs from specific users, if set in config (default: false)
  • wiphandling: Specify treatment for WIP PRs; those which have a WIP, DO NOT MERGE or REVIEW ONLY tag in the title. By default these are shown in a reduced manner. Set this param to:
    • none: display WIP PR's like any other PRs
    • small or unset: show WIP PR's in a reduced manner default behaviour
    • hide: hide WIP PR's completely
  • filterrepo: Specify a repository name you wish to exclude from displayed PRs
  • filterrepo[]: Given multiple times allows for more than one repository to be excluded
  • extra_scopes: A comma separated list of extra scopes that your token requires

The Gist should contain one or more JSON files with this syntax:

    "userName": "<username of the repo owner>",
    "repo": "<repository name>"

You must make sure you set the language of the Gist to JSON as it will default to Text, which will not work.

Optionally, the Gist can contain a JSON file named users, to list users the team cares about. Fourth Wall can then display PRs across your tracked apps opened by these users, if the filterusers param is set. Syntax:


Optionally, entries may also contain "important": true to indicate that a repository is important. This has an effect only when the filterusers param is set: PRs on important repositories will always be displayed, even when they weren't opened by one of the listed users.

If the Gist contains a file with the language set to CSS, it will be injected into a <style> block in the document head, so you can override the default styling without having to fork this repo.


Support for other githubs

If you use github enterprise you must add the baseUrl to each repo object and add a token for that hostname. The url parameter for the other hostname should be of the form <hostname>_token.

An example enterprise repository.

    "baseUrl": "https://myhost.com/api/v3/repos",
    "userName": "<username of the repo owner>",
    "repo": "<repository name>"

To load repositories from a team on an enterprise instance you must prefix the hostname to the team url parameter as with the token <hostname>_team (or <hostname>_team[] for multiple teams).


The token used to access Github is visible in the URL bar of the browser used to view Fourth Wall. This is potentially quite dangerous and you should be very careful about Github access tokens. There are some pre-flight checks to help with security but you should, at all times, be vigilant and discliplined.

Required scopes:

  • repo:status
  • repo:deployment

Optional scopes:

  • read:org is required if you are using the team query parameter mentioned above.
  • repo is needed if you need to give fourth-wall access to private repositories, this must be enabled using the extra_scopes query parameter documented above.

Any other allowed scopes on the token will cause Fourth Wall to be unusable (due to an alert) until the token scopes have been fixed. This is a feature not a bug.

Additionally there is a pre-flight check which checks that if Fourth Wall is being accessed remotely using HTTP. If Fourth Wall is being viewed remotely, please always use HTTPS.