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GDS-SSO provides everything needed to integrate an application with the sign-on-o-tron single-sign-on ( as used by the Government Digital Service, though it will probably also work with a range of other oauth2 providers.

It is a wrapper around omniauth that adds a 'strategy' for oAuth2 integration against sign-on-o-tron, and the necessary controller to support that request flow.

For more details on OmniAuth and oAuth2 integration see

Integration with a Rails 3+ app

To use gds-sso tou will need an oauth client ID and secret for sign-on-o-tron or a compatible system. These can be provided by one of the team with admin access to sign-on-o-tron.

Then include the gem in your Gemfile:

gem 'gds-sso', :git => ''

Create a config/initializers/gds-sso.rb that looks like:

GDS::SSO.config do |config|
  config.user_model   = 'User'

  # set up ID and Secret in a way which doesn't require it to be checked in to source control...
  config.oauth_id     = ENV['OAUTH_ID']
  config.oauth_secret = ENV['OAUTH_SECRET']

  # optional config for location of sign-on-o-tron
  config.oauth_root_url = "http://localhost:3001"

  # optional config for API Access (requests which accept application/json)
  config.basic_auth_user = 'api'
  config.basic_auth_password = 'secret'

The user model needs to respond to klass.find_by_uid(uid), and must include the GDS::SSO::User module.

You also need to include GDS::SSO::ControllerMethods in your ApplicationController

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