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GDS-SSO provides everything needed to integrate an application with the sign-on-o-tron single-sign-on ( as used by the Government Digital Service, though it will probably also work with a range of other oauth2 providers.

It is a wrapper around omniauth that adds a 'strategy' for oAuth2 integration against sign-on-o-tron, and the necessary controller to support that request flow.

For more details on OmniAuth and oAuth2 integration see

Integration with a Rails 3+ app

To use gds-sso you will need an oauth client ID and secret for sign-on-o-tron or a compatible system. These can be provided by one of the team with admin access to sign-on-o-tron.

Then include the gem in your Gemfile:

gem 'gds-sso', :git => ''

Create a config/initializers/gds-sso.rb that looks like:

GDS::SSO.config do |config|
  config.user_model   = 'User'

  # set up ID and Secret in a way which doesn't require it to be checked in to source control...
  config.oauth_id     = ENV['OAUTH_ID']
  config.oauth_secret = ENV['OAUTH_SECRET']

  # optional config for location of sign-on-o-tron
  config.oauth_root_url = "http://localhost:3001"

  # optional config for API Access (requests which accept application/json)
  config.basic_auth_user = 'api'
  config.basic_auth_password = 'secret'

The user model needs to respond to klass.find_by_uid(uid), and must include the GDS::SSO::User module.

You also need to include GDS::SSO::ControllerMethods in your ApplicationController

Use in development mode

In development, you generally want to be able to run an application without needing to run your own SSO server to be running as well. GDS-SSO facilitates this by using a 'mock' mode in development. Mock mode loads an arbitrary user from the local application's user tables:

GDS::SSO.test_user || GDS::SSO::Config.user_klass.first

To make it use a real strategy (e.g. if you're testing an app against the signon server), set an environment variable when you run your app:

GDS_SSO_STRATEGY=real bundle exec rails s 
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