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Update README with extra things the app should do

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@@ -28,6 +28,9 @@ Create a `config/initializers/gds-sso.rb` that looks like:
config.oauth_id = ENV['OAUTH_ID']
config.oauth_secret = ENV['OAUTH_SECRET']
+ # Application name as per signonotron2's database, used for permissions
+ config.default_scope = "Need-o-Tron"
# optional config for location of sign-on-o-tron
config.oauth_root_url = "http://localhost:3001"
@@ -38,6 +41,10 @@ Create a `config/initializers/gds-sso.rb` that looks like:
The user model needs to respond to klass.find_by_uid(uid), and must include the GDS::SSO::User module.
+It also needs to specify the below (or an equivalent):
+ attr_accessible :uid, :email, :name, :permissions, as: :oauth
You also need to include `GDS::SSO::ControllerMethods` in your ApplicationController
## Use in development mode

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