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title: Learning pathways at GDS
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# Learning pathways at GDS
This website exists to bring together the GDS Technology community's collective knowledge and resources to support the learning and development of technologists.
## Goals
We want to:
- create a set of curated guides, organised by topic, technology, constituency, level. There may be multiple cross-cutting routes into the resources. Our aim is to offer pathways which cater for the most important needs of technologists.
- elaborate the current [technologists career pathways within GDS]( in more detail, by creating a page for each competency statement in the career path.
- prepare for adopting the [DDaT career pathways within GDS]( by documenting our current career pathway in more detail.
## Status
This website is an early draft. We are working to get the structure right. [Contributions](contributing) are welcome in the form of PRs.
## Licence
Content is licenced under the [Open Government Licence](
## Code of conduct
This project is developed under the [Alphagov Code of Conduct](
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