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title: Ways to learn
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# Ways to learn
All civil servants are entitled to [5 days of learning and development each year](
Junior developers can use 20% of their time for learning, for example, by working on a self-contained project.
You can ask questions about learning and development in #ask-learning-and-devt on slack.
## Private study
It's ok to ask your team for time to study something.
Study materials could include books, videos, or guided tutorials.
GDS has a [library]( and subscriptions to [Pluralsight]( that you can use.
If you know others with similar learning goals, consider organising a group to learn together, or presenting back what you've learned to other people.
## Formal training
You can book training through the people development form. Talk to #ask-learning-and-devt on slack if you have any questions.
Formal training can include:
- External training courses
- Conferences
- Civil service learning
## Informal training
Informal training can include:
- [Internal workshops](
- Group study/activities
- User group meetups
- Attending [technospectives]( or other presentations
If you are interested in running a new workshop or group, first check if anyone has run anything similar before, as they may be able to share advice and materials.
## On the job learning
Many skills are best developed through working on a project as part of a team.
This can include:
- building and supporting software
- participating in [code reviews](/resources/other/code-reviews.html)
- attending incident reviews
- participating in show & tells
- writing and speaking about your work externally
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