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title: How to monitor your service
last_reviewed_on: 2020-10-23
review_in: 6 months
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At GDS, we follow the Service Manual guidance on how to [monitor the status of services][] and set [performance metrics][].
We recommend using [Pingdom][] to monitor your service’s availability. To further make sure your service is working, you should:
* run regular [smoke tests][] using a browser automation app such as Selenium
* implement a tool to ensure user journeys are working as you expect
* monitor applications for errors using an error tracking app such as [Sentry][]
* implement configuration management to set up repeatable monitoring
## Using metrics-based monitoring
Collecting metrics on the performance of your service is useful for [capacity planning][] and autoscaling. You should apply metrics-based monitoring to measure aggregated numerical data about your service and create [Grafana][] dashboards to view metrics from your datasource, for example related to your infrastructure or application.
Reliability Engineering is running a beta on using [Prometheus][] as the operational metrics service for GDS. It will be available to all teams that use the [recommended hosting][] options. Read the [reliability engineering docs][] to find out more.
[monitor the status of services]:
[performance metrics]:
[smoke tests]:
[capacity planning]:
[recommended hosting]:
[reliability engineering docs]: