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title: How to name software products
last_reviewed_on: 2021-03-16
review_in: 6 months
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Read this guide when you need to name components for your software product, for example applications, software libraries, plugins or frameworks. Your users should understand what something does from its name.
## Your product name should be self-descriptive
Avoid using puns or branding for names as this makes it difficult for others to understand what it does.
Make sure you use the same name consistently whenever you're referring to the same product. For example the name of the Signon application’s GitHub repository is [alphagov/signon](
These GDS product names clearly communicate their purpose:
- [Signon](
- [Manuals Publisher](
- [Smart Answers](
- [Digital Marketplace Admin Frontend](
- [Notifications PaaS Autoscaler](
These GDS product names are ambiguous and possibly confusing:
- [Panopticon](
- [Whitehall](
- [Maslow](
- [Magna Charta](
## Further reading
The Service Manual has [guidance on naming
services](, and this will be relevant when naming applications or packages.