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title: How to manage DNS records for your service
last_reviewed_on: 2018-09-18
review_in: 6 months
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To ensure users can connect to your service, you’ll need accurate Domain Name System (DNS) records and a DNS provider to supply your DNS nameservers.
You can find information on choosing where to host your DNS and how to request nameserver delegation at GDS in the [Service Manual][].
As part of your DNS strategy and planning you need to ensure your:
* DNS entry configuration (stored for example in a zone file using JSON or YAML) is version controlled unless it’s autogenerated
* overall service strategy includes nameserver high availability, for example deploy to both Amazon Route 53 and Google Cloud DNS
When you implement your DNS strategy you should consider using:
* [Amazon Route 53][] as a cloud DNS web service
* [Google Cloud DNS][] or [Dyn][] for high nameserver availability
* version control to publish your records using tools such as [GOV.UK DNS][] or [octoDNS][]
You can read more about [service domains and DNS][] in the Service Manual.
[Service Manual]:
[Amazon Route 53]:
[Google Cloud DNS]:
[service domains and DNS]: