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title: Check if your service is ready for production
last_reviewed_on: 2018-10-18
review_in: 6 months
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Before taking your service into production and introducing it to live users make sure it meets the technical standards set by GDS and your team.
Some of these standards are in the GDS Way but your team may also have its own specific standards. For example, you may need to connect your service to [Logit][] before going to production.
If you do not follow the standards, such as [alerting][], you could have difficulties operating or supporting your service if problems arise.
Read the [Service Manual][] for more information about building and running a live service.
## Use a checklist
To avoid problems when your service goes into production use a checklist to confirm if your service is ready. Each check should reference a standard that’s already in place before you can put a service into production. An example is, [documenting architecture decisions].
Include communication checks to make sure specific groups or individuals are informed in advance. For example, senior management or specific user groups.
Save your check list as a template so your team can apply it to each new service or subcomponent.
### Example checklist
To take a service into production, it must be possible to:
* search logs
* monitor its health
* view application metrics
* alert people when the service has problems
* follow a documented deployment process
You must also:
* have agreement to proceed from [Information Assurance (IA)][]
* inform PERSON A
* inform GROUP B
[Information Assurance (IA)]:
[documenting architecture decisions]:
[Service Manual]: