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Automatically build, tag, and push gems
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Gem Publisher

This library will assist you in automatically publishing gems to a variety of repositories.

At present, variety means or GemFury.

Requires Ruby 1.8.7 or later.

How it works

It first checks whether a version tag (of the form vX.Y.Z) for the current version exists in the remote repository. If the tag does not exist, it does the following:

  • Builds a gem for the updated version
  • Remotely tags the new version
  • Pushes the gem to the gem server


  • Only git repositories are supported
  • The remote repository must be called origin


Via rake

In your Rakefile:

require "gem_publisher"

desc "Publish gem to"
task :publish_gem do |t|
  gem = GemPublisher.publish_if_updated("yourgem.gemspec", :rubygems)
  puts "Published #{gem}" if gem

Use :gemfury instead of :rubygems if you want to publish to GemFury instead.

To push to an account you're a collaborator on, you can pass the :as option:

GemPublisher.publish_if_updated("yourgem.gemspec", :gemfury, :as => 'otheraccount')

You'll probably need to add gem_publisher as a development dependency in order to satisfy Bundler. In {name of gem}.gemspec, add the dependency:

s.add_development_dependency "gem_publisher", "~> 1.1.1"

If you're using GemFury, add that too:

s.add_development_dependency "gemfury"

You can now add rake publish_gem to your continuous integration server as a task to run after the tests pass.

This assumes that the requisite credentials have been set up so that the gem push and fury push commands work.

Via command line

This method obviates the need to add extra development dependencies to your project.

gem publish yourgem.gemspec

(rubygems is the default repository) or

gem publish -r gemfury yourgem.gemspec

To use a shared account to publish the gem with Gemfury, use

gem publish -r gemfury -a yoursharedaccount yourgem.gemspec

As before, gem push or fury push must be available and configured.

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