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GOV.UK Developer Docs


Technical documentation

This is a static site generated with Middleman.

Tech docs template

This project uses alphagov/tech-docs-template.

This means that some of the files (like the CSS, javascripts and layouts) are managed in the template and are not supposed to be modified here.

You can pull down the latest version of the template by running:



  • Ruby

Running locally

The first time you'll need to bundle:

bundle install

To run the app locally:


The app will appear at http://localhost:4567/

You may need a GitHub auth token if you find yourself rate limited. You can create one here:

It doesn't need any permissions.

Use it like this:

export GITHUB_TOKEN=somethingsomething

Building the project

Build the site with:

bundle exec middleman build

This will create a bunch of static files in /build.


This project is re-deployed by a Jenkins task every hour (to pick up external changes). It is hosted on S3.


MIT License