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title: Content Store
parent: /apis.html
The [Content Store][content-store-repo] is the store for all published content on
GOV.UK. When given a path, it responds with the content that should be displayed
on that path.
- Not all content is in the content-store yet. There are pages that
don't use the publishing platform and can't be found in the content store
(at the time of writing, [pages about past prime ministers](
- For some pages the content store will not return all the content on the page (an [organisation page]( for example)
While it is primarily intended for the use of the frontend apps, it is also
exposed externally at `<path>`, where `<path>` is
the full path of the item on GOV.UK.
For more detailed documentation on the API exposed by the Content Store, you can
[read through the GOV.UK Content API Documentation][content-api-docs].