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title: Applications on GOV.UK
The publishing platform of GOV.UK consists of at least <%= active_app_pages.size %>
separate applications. Most of them are built using [Ruby on Rails][rails].
You can [download this data as JSON](/apps.json), or [download this data as CSV](/apps.csv).
In Google Spreadsheets, use the following formula:
## Infrastructure
Applications are hosted on an infrastructure [configured using puppet][govuk-puppet].
They are deployed using [capistrano scripts][govuk-app-deployment].
## Frontend apps
Frontend apps render content to visitors to [](
For example, a [HMRC manual page][hmrc-manual] is rendered by an application called
You can use the [chrome extension][extension] to find out which application
is rendering any given page.
All frontend applications use a [Ruby gem called slimmer][slimmer], which wraps
the generated HTML into a layout with GOV.UK styling. To avoid having to update
all applications for a global design change, slimmer pulls in the actual ERB
templates from the ["static" application][static], which also serves stylesheets,
javascript and images.
## Publishing apps
Publishing apps are used by editors to publish content to GOV.UK. For example,
[specialist-publisher][specialist-publisher] publishes
[specialist documents][specialist documents].
The apps are secured by behind a [single signon system][signon]. They use an
[omniauth adapter called gds-sso][gds-sso] to authenticate the user. The styling
of the apps are shared using [a gem called govuk\_admin\_template][govuk_admin_template].
[specialist documents]:
[manuals-frontend]: /apps/manuals-frontend.html
[static]: /apps/static.html
[signon]: /apps/signon.html
[specialist-publisher]: /apps/specialist-publisher.html