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We love contributions! We've compiled these docs to help you understand our contribution guidelines. If you still have questions, please contact us, we'd be super happy to help.

Contents of this file

For contributors

For maintainers

Code of Conduct

Please read before contributing.

Application architecture

See application architecture for an overview of the directories in this repository.

Running locally

See running locally.

Conventions to follow

Indentation and whitespace

2-space, soft-tabs only. No trailing whitespace.


See our coding standards for CSS and testing and linting.


See our coding standards for JavaScript and testing and linting.

Components and Nunjucks API

See our coding standards for components, coding standards for Nunjucks macros and testing and linting.

Testing and linting

See testing and linting.

Supported browsers

Your contribution needs to work with certain browsers as set out in README. See also supporting Internet Explorer 8.

Supported assistive technology

Your contribution needs to work with certain assistive technology as set out in README.

Commit hygiene

Please see our git style guide which describes how we prefer git history and commit messages to read.

Updating Changelog

See the versioning documentation for updating the changelog)

Testing a release

If you need to test a release, for example if you're contributing a new component see Publishing pre-release of GOV.UK Frontend.

Application tasks

See tasks.


See deploying.

Releasing a new version

See publishing.