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💥 Breaking changes:

- Update the font to v2

IE 8 and older - Will now default to using Arial instead of transport

GOV.UK Frontend will no longer includes v1 font as this is normally included
as part of GOV.UK Template.

To migrate: if you have any custom components you may want to check their vertical
alignment as v2 has significantly better alignment with the
baseline of Helvetica / Arial*.

If the service still uses GOV.UK Template/Elements and has any of the below SASS variables set
then it will use v1 font.

- $govuk-compatibility-govukfrontendtoolkit
- $govuk-compatibility-govuktemplate
- $govuk-compatibility-govukelements

Altenatively if you would like specifically need v1, set `$govuk-use-legacy-font`
to `true` before importing GOV.UK Frontend SASS file.

- Remove `govuk-focusable`, `govuk-focusable-fill` mixins, introduce `govuk-focus-text` mixin.

To migrate:

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