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A template for building skeleton Rails applications ready for use on GOV.UK
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This repository is no longer maintained. It is replaced by the GOV.UK Developer Docs.

GOV.UK Rails Application Template

A template for building a skeleton Rails 5 application ready for use on the GOV.UK stack.


There are four templates available, one for each category of application on GOV.UK.

Generally they can be invoked by updating your rails gem, switching into your GOV.UK code directory (/var/govuk on the VM) and running:

./govuk-rails-app-template/bin/ app-name (api|frontend|admin|publishing)

You may find that the version of Rails you have doesn't match the one being generated for the app, in which case you should either install the matching version or update templates/Gemfile to the correct version.

App names must be lowercase alpha plus hyphens, and valid values for {template} are:

  • api
  • admin
  • publishing
  • frontend

So a valid example might be:

./govuk-rails-app-template/bin/ some-fancy-api api

Admin and publishing apps are similar, except that publishing apps include integrations to the publishing API.

See the admin, api, frontend, and publishing classes in lib to see what this will do.

Further details on setting up a new Rails application on the GOV.UK stack can be found over on the Tech Manual.


MIT License