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Admin CSS

CSS in the gem follows two conventions:

  • Naming patterns and class usage inline with Bootstrap 3
    • eg the text-muted class and the gem specific link-muted class
    • Using multiple classes in combination, eg table table-bordered table-hover
  • Principles of writing consistent, idiomatic CSS

Available helper classes

Firstly, the admin styles are based on Bootstrap:

For admin components, see the admin style guide (/style-guide in your app).

Hide and show content


Class Purpose
hide Hide content from all users, including screenreaders
if-no-js-hide Hide from users without Javascript
if-js-hide Hide from users with Javascript
rm Hide visually but keep available to screenreaders
if-js-rm Hide visually from users with Javascript

Margin helpers

Rather than creating a class purely to remove or add margins (many Bootstrap styled elements come with margins), use these helpers which come bundled with the default margins necessary to keep a consistent vertical rhythm. This also avoids a specificity nightmare. (These classes use !important so that they’ll almost always work).

<h3 class="add-top-margin"></h3>

The mixins don’t include !important by default, but can be added as a parameter:

.class {
  @include add-top-margin;
  @include add-top-margin('!important');
Class Mixin Purpose
add-top-margin @include add-top-margin; Add default vertical margin to top of element
add-bottom-margin @include add-bottom-margin; Add default vertical margin to bottom of element
add-label-margin @include add-label-margin; Simulates the vertical spacing between a Bootstrap label and an input element (5px)
add-vertical-margins @include add-vertical-margins; Add default vertical margin to top and bottom
remove-top-margin Remove all margins from top of element
remove-bottom-margin Remove all margins from bottom of element
add-right-margin @include add-right-margin; Add margin to the right of element
add-left-margin @include add-left-margin; Add margin to the left of element

Padding helpers

Like the margin helpers, the padding classes include !important so they’ll always work. The mixins default to not using !important, but this can be added with a parameter.

<h3 class="add-bottom-padding"></h3>
.class {
  @include add-top-padding;
  @include add-top-padding('!important');
Class Mixin Purpose
add-top-padding @include add-top-padding; Add default vertical padding to top of element
add-bottom-padding @include add-bottom-padding; Add default vertical padding to bottom of element
add-vertical-padding @include add-vertical-padding; Add default vertical padding to top and bottom
remove-padding Remove all padding from element
remove-top-padding Remove top padding
remove-bottom-padding Remove bottom padding

Input helpers

Class Purpose
input-md-x Restrict the width of an input to a column size

Icon helpers

Class Purpose
glyphicon-smaller-than-text Bootstrap 3 glyphicons look unnaturally large against the same sized text. This class knocks them down to a friendlier size.

Link helpers

Class Purpose
no-visit Prevent a link from showing a visited state (eg when used as a Javascript hook)
link-muted Like Bootstrap’s text-muted, but for links. Makes them a matching grey and underlined.
link-inherit Inherits its colour from surrounding text, gains an underline

Display helpers

Class Purpose
inline Display inline, useful if the semantic element has the wrong display style by default
inline-block Display inline-block



Class Purpose
table-header Add to rows in <thead> to give table headings greater contrast
table-header-secondary Again in <thead>, for less important header rows. Uses a lighter grey.

SASS Variables

Along with Bootstrap’s many mixins and variables, the admin gem comes with some of its own.

Class Purpose
$font-family-gill-sans Gill Sans font stack
$default-vertical-margin Based on Bootstrap’s $line-height-computed. Use increments of this value.
$link-color-visited Like Bootstrap’s $link-color, the purple visited link colour.