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// GOV.UK front end toolkit
// Sass variables, mixins and functions
// Settings (variables)
@import "colours"; // Colour variables
@import "font_stack"; // Font family variables
@import "measurements"; // Widths and gutter variables
// Mixins
@import "conditionals"; // Media query mixin
@import "device-pixels"; // Retina image mixin
@import "grid_layout"; // Basic grid layout mixin
@import "typography"; // Core bold and heading mixins, also external links
@import "shims"; // Inline block mixin, clearfix placeholder
// Mixins to generate components (chunks of UI)
@import "design-patterns/alpha-beta";
@import "design-patterns/buttons";
@import "design-patterns/breadcrumbs";
// Functions
@import "url-helpers"; // Function to output image-url, or prefixed path (Rails and Compass only)
// GOV.UK elements
@import "elements/helpers"; // Helper functions and classes
// Generic (normalize/reset.css)
@import "elements/reset";
// Base (unclassed HTML elements)
// These are predefined by govuk_template
// If you're not using govuk_template, uncomment the line below.
// @import "elements/govuk-template-base"; // Base styles set by GOV.UK template
// Objects (unstyled design patterns)
@import "elements/layout"; // Main content container. Grid layout - rows and column widths
// Components (chunks of UI)
@import "elements/elements-typography"; // Typography
@import "elements/buttons"; // Buttons
@import "elements/icons"; // Icons - numbered steps, calendar, search
@import "elements/lists"; // Lists - numbered, bulleted
@import "elements/tables"; // Tables - regular, numeric
@import "elements/details"; // Details summary
@import "elements/panels"; // Panels with a left grey border
@import "elements/forms"; // Form - wrappers, inputs, labels
@import "elements/forms/form-block-labels"; // Chunky labels for radios and checkboxes
@import "elements/forms/form-date"; // Date of birth pattern
@import "elements/forms/form-validation"; // Errors and validation
@import "elements/breadcrumbs"; // Breadcrumbs
@import "elements/phase-banner"; // Alpha and beta banners and tags
@import "elements/components"; // GOV.UK prefixed styles - blue highlighted box
@import "elements/shame"; // Hacks and workarounds that will go away eventually