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Public release of the migration plan for 2014 GOV.UK Infrastructure Move
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2014 GOV.UK Platform Migration Overview


This is the plan for migrating the GOV.UK web stack from the Skyscape Interim Platform to Skyscape's new Platform 1. The original plan is still held on our internal github repo, however this version (with sanitised IPs, Domains and Github Repos) has been released publicly after the fact.

Migration Plan

The migration plan is a series of Markdown documents. You can start by reading the Overview or click on the linked sections below for more detail:

Outstanding questions

  • -How do we synchronise web site support feedback tickets?-
    • The support_contacts database is now part of the automatd job
  • -Do we accept that we might lose some end-user feedback during the migration?-
    • We will only lose anonymous feedback statistics and Transaction done surveys.
    • No Zendesk tickets will be lost.