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title: Setting up your computer
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# Setting up your computer
If you’re using a Mac, most of the software you need for these lessons is already installed.
## Text editor (Atom)
Programmers use **text editors** to write code. You could use Notepad (Windows)
or TextEdit (Mac) to write code. However most programmers use a text editor
with programming-specific features:
* **Syntax highlighting** shows your code in different colours. This helps you spot
any errors, and understand the structure of your code.
* **Auto-indent** helps you keep your code tidy.
* **Project navigation and tabs** helps you move between the different files in
your project.
* **Auto-completion** shows you keywords you could use to finish what you’re
typing, so you don’t have to remember all the possible commands.
We recommend you use [Atom]( for this because it’s easy to use
and you can install it from GDS Self Service (the blue GDS icon in your dock).
![Screenshot showing where to find Atom the GDS managed software center](images/set-up/image1.png)
Once it’s installed you can find it in your Applications folder:
![Screenshot showing Atom in the Applications folder in Finder](images/set-up/image8.png)
## Terminal and Ruby
macOs comes with a built in terminal, and a version of the ruby programming
language. If you're not using a mac you can follow the instructions on the ruby website: