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KushalP commented Nov 19, 2012

This is part of the work to clean up the creation/import/export process as an interim solution until we work on the separation of the backend/frontend apps.

Kushal Pisav... added some commits Nov 16, 2012
Kushal Pisavadia Remove extra whitespace 8980d4d
Kushal Pisavadia Model entries can be created from rake tasks
In the event that new data is required, while we don't have an admin UI,
provide rake tasks to add new data to the database as an interim
Kushal Pisavadia Make it easier to export data from the database
Provide wrappers for the rake tasks so that exporting activies,
licences, and sectors aren't such a manual process.
Kushal Pisavadia Delete verbose DataImporter code
This code is going to be replaced by something simpler, so it's no
longer needed.
Kushal Pisavadia Refactor DataImporter to work on the models
Rather than putting emphasis on the data that we have, use the models as
the source of truth when we import data from flat (json) files.
Kushal Pisavadia Rename data_import task group to import
Use the refactored DataImporter methods and rename this task namespace
to be easier to understand for newbies to the project.
Kushal Pisavadia Add export rake tasks 68529b3
Kushal Pisavadia Use correct spellings for import tasks 66d346e
Kushal Pisavadia Add new json formatted import data
This data acts as an interim solution while we work on the backend
equivalent for licence finder. These JSON files are used to be
consistent with the model changes that have since occurred.
Kushal Pisavadia Update docs for new import/export/create tasks 2346904
@daibach daibach was assigned Nov 19, 2012
@KushalP KushalP closed this Oct 2, 2014
@KushalP KushalP deleted the refactor-data-importer branch Oct 2, 2014
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