Front-end app for the manuals format on GOV.UK
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Manuals Frontend


Front-end app for the manuals format on GOV.UK

Live examples



Installation and running

In a terminal, run:


or using bowler:

bowl manuals-frontend

If you are using the GDS development virtual machine then the application will be available on the host at

Running the tests

The test suite includes testing against govuk-content-schemas, so you will need a copy of this repo on your file system. By default this should be in a sibling directory to your project. Alternatively, you can specify their location with the GOVUK_CONTENT_SCHEMAS_PATH environment variable.

jasmine tests are mounted at

All tests can be run using bundle exec rake as well.

Viewing a manual

You can see the content design manual at

Publishing a manual on dev

Manuals are published using specialist-publisher to publish a manual run specialist-publisher (instructions here:, publish a manual, and you should then be able to view it on manuals-frontend. If you have replicated from preview recently then you should be able to see currently published manuals at[preview-slug] too.