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Daily updates on GOV.UK traffic
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Need-O-Tron Daily

A script to send a daily email about the previous day's traffic to GOV.UK. This used to be part of need-o-tron but didn't really need to be included there, so I've pulled it out on its own.


Use bundle install to install dependencies.

Run the script with bundle exec ruby send_email.rb

The script depends on a set of environment variables:

  • ENV['GOOGLE_OAUTH_TOKEN'] # The OAuth token to access Google Analytics
  • ENV['GOOGLE_OAUTH_SECRET'] # The OAuth secret to access Google Analytics
  • ENV['ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_ID'] # The Google Analytics account ID
  • ENV['SES_ACCESS_KEY_ID'] # Access Key ID for Amazon SES (for outbound email)
  • ENV['SES_SECRET_KEY'] # Access Secret for Amazon SES (for outbound email)
  • ENV['RECIPIENT_ADDRESS'] # Email address to send the report to

The recipient address will have to have been authorised via Amazon SES.

To run locally you can create a file called config.rb to set these values. Don't commit it to this repository.


The original need-o-tron daily was created by Richard Pope and James Stewart some time ago.

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