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+Pull requests are great.
+I'm aware there are no tests for this code, but if you're submitting
+changes please supply some.
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+# Need-O-Tron Daily
+A script to send a daily email about the previous day's traffic to GOV.UK.
+This used to be part of need-o-tron but didn't really need to be included
+there, so I've pulled it out on its own.
+## Usage
+Use ```bundle install``` to install dependencies.
+Run the script with ```bundle exec ruby send_email.rb```
+The script depends on a set of environment variables:
+* ENV['GOOGLE_OAUTH_TOKEN'] # The OAuth token to access Google Analytics
+* ENV['GOOGLE_OAUTH_SECRET'] # The OAuth secret to access Google Analytics
+* ENV['ANALYTICS_ACCOUNT_ID'] # The Google Analytics account ID
+* ENV['SES_ACCESS_KEY_ID'] # Access Key ID for Amazon SES (for outbound email)
+* ENV['SES_SECRET_KEY'] # Access Secret for Amazon SES (for outbound email)
+* ENV['RECIPIENT_ADDRESS'] # Email address to send the report to
+The recipient address will have to have been authorised via Amazon SES.
+To run locally you can create a file called config.rb to set these values. Don't
+commit it to this repository.
+## Credits
+The original need-o-tron daily was created by [Richard Pope]( and [James Stewart]( some time ago.

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