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jamiecobbett committed Oct 2, 2012
1 parent 2452635 commit df92381817c03789bbbaa42c26ff03f8380c35a6
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  1. +1 −1 lib/tasks/move_to_new_sections.rake
  2. +103 −0 sections.csv
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@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ module NewSectionMigration
rescue StandardError => e
- puts "Encountered error when saving artefact: #{artefact.slug}: #{e.to_s}. Sections stored in the database are now: #{artefact.reload.sections}"
+ puts "Encountered error when saving artefact: #{a.slug}: #{e.to_s}. Sections stored in the database are now: #{a.reload.sections}"
@@ -0,0 +1,103 @@
+Mainstream category titles,Slug for this,Mainstream category descriptions,
+Businesses and self-employed,/business,Tools and guidance for businesses,
+Employing people,/employing-people,"Includes pay, contracts and hiring",
+"Crime, justice and the law",/justice,"Legal processes, courts and the police",
+Money and tax,/tax,"Includes VAT, debt and inheritance tax",
+Citizenship and life in the UK,/citizenship,Includes voting and how government works,
+"Births, deaths, marriages, parenting and care",/births-deaths-marriages,Includes civil partnerships and lasting power of attorney,
+"Working, jobs and pensions",/working,Includes holidays and finding a job,
+"Driving, transport, and travel",/driving,Includes passports and car tax,
+Housing and local services,/housing,Owning or renting and council services,
+Benefits,/benefits,Eligibility and how to apply,
+Education and learning,/education,Includes student loans and admissions,
+Living with disabilities,/disabilities,"Includes your rights, benefits and the Equality Act",
+Funding and debt,/funding-debt,"Includes bankruptcy, business finance and recovering debt",/business
+Setting up,/setting-up,"Includes self assessment, self-employment and starting a business",/business
+Selling your business and closing down,/selling-closing,"Stopping self-employment, winding up or liquidating a ltd company, and more",/business
+"Trademarks, copyright and intellectual property",/intellectual-property,"Includes registering, protecting and applying for designs and patents",/business
+"Food, catering and retail",/food,"Labelling and handling food, standards, transporting and more",/business
+Expenses and employee benefits,/expenses-employee-benefits,Includes company cars and paying tax on employee benefits,/business
+Maritime vessels and work at sea,/maritime,"Includes health and safety onboard, crew, registering vessels",/business
+Licences and licence applications,/licences,Applying for licences from your council for events and businesses,/business
+Waste and environmental impact,/waste-environment,"Includes waste management plans, hazardous waste, and preventing pollution",/business
+Farming,/farming,"Health and safety, registering and licensing animals, compliance tools",/business
+Manufacturing,/manufacturing,"Managing waste, health and safety, regulations",/business
+Sale of goods and services and data protection,/sale-goods-services-data,"Includes regulations for online retailers, offering credit and Trading Standards",/business
+Business premises and business rates,/premises-rates,"Includes the business rates calculator, leases and renting",/business
+Imports and exports,/imports-exports,"Includes shipping goods, commodity codes and receiving goods",/business
+Corporation tax and capital allowances,/corporation-tax-capital-allowance,"Includes company tax returns, annual accounts and writing down allowances",/business
+Running a limited company,/limited-company,"Includes registering, setting up, company accounts and tax returns",/business
+Payroll,/payroll,"Paying HMRC, capital allowances and paying staff",/employing-people
+Statutory leave and time off,/time-off,"Includes maternity and paternity leave, holiday entitlement and sick pay",/employing-people
+Contracts of employment and working hours,/contracts,"Includes types of worker, employee rights, overtime and changes to contracts",/employing-people
+Dismissing staff and redundancies,/dismissals-redundancies,"Resignations, dismissals, disciplinaries and redundancy pay",/employing-people
+Recruiting and hiring,/recruiting-hiring,"Includes discrimination law, apprenticeships and using agencies",/employing-people
+Health and safety at work,/health-safety,"Accidents, health and safety law and workplace conditions",/employing-people
+Pensions for your staff,/pensions,"Includes workplace pensions, forecasting, and employer contributions",/employing-people
+Trade unions and workers rights,/trade-unions,Includes industrial action and recognising trade unions,/employing-people
+"Court claims, debt and bankruptcy",/court-claims-debt-bankruptcy,"Includes recovering debts, registering for bankruptcy and as a creditor",/justice
+Prisons and probabtion,/prisons-probation,"Sentencing, probation and support for families of prisoners",/justice
+Young people and the law,/young-people,"Includes legal rights, youth offending teams and crime prevention",/justice
+Your rights and the law,/rights,"Includes being arrested, cautions, discrimination and consumer rights",/justice
+Reporting crimes and getting compensation,/reporting-crimes-compensation,Including criminal injuries compensation and reporting suspected crimes,/justice
+"Courts, sentencing and tribunals",/courts-sentencing-tribunals,"Attending courts, paying fines, appealing a sentence and tribunals",/justice
+VAT,/vat,"Includes returns online, rates, charging and record keeping",/tax
+Income tax,/income-tax,"Includes capital gains, rates and allowances, tax codes and refunds",/tax
+National Insurance,/national-insurance,"Voluntary contributions and credits, numbers, rates and classes",/tax
+Self-assessment,/self-assessment,"Includes filing, deadlines, pay and tax records",/tax
+Inheritance tax,/inheritance-tax,"Includes valuing an estate, trusts and taxes",/tax
+"Coasts, countryside and creatures",/coasts-countryside,"Includes right of way, protecting landscapes and animal welfare",/citizenship
+Passports,/passports,"Eligibility, fees, applying, renewing and updating",/citizenship
+How the UK government works,/government,"Information about Parliament, MPs and petitioning the government",/citizenship
+"Charities, volunteering and honours",/charities-honours,"Nominating someone for an honour, setting up a charity and how to volunteer",/citizenship
+Voting,/voting,"Register to vote, getting on the electoral register and voting by proxy",/citizenship
+British citizenship and moving to the UK,/citizenship,"Includes visas, Life in the UK test, citizenship ceremonies and asylum",/citizenship
+Death and bereavement,/death,"Reporting a death, wills, probate and Inheritance Tax, ",/births-deaths-marriages
+"Lasting power of attorney, being in care and your financial affairs",/lasting-power-attorney,"Includes dealing with benefits, taxes and leaving care",/births-deaths-marriages
+"Marriage, civil partnership and divorce",/marriage-divorce,"Includes registry offices, decree absolutes and looking after children",/births-deaths-marriages
+"Certification, registry offices, changes of name or gender",/registry-offices,"Includes researching family history, deed poll changes, certifying documents",/births-deaths-marriages
+Having a child and adoption,/child-adoption,"Legal rights, birth certificates, parental rights and child maintenance",/births-deaths-marriages
+Child benefit,/child,"Information about eligibility, claiming and when child benefit stops",/births-deaths-marriages
+"Your pay, tax and the national minimum wage",/tax-minimum-wage,"Includes national minimum wage rates, keeping pay records and pay rights",/working
+"Holidays, time off, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave",/time-off,Includes career breaks and the holiday entitlement calculator,/working
+Your contract and working hours,/contract-working-hours,"Includes employment status, worker's rights and changes to contracts",/working
+Your rights at work and trade unions,/rights-trade-unions,"Includes health and safety, accidents at work and joining a trade union",/working
+Finding a job,/finding-job,"Includes job search, volunteering, apprenticeships and job offers",/working
+Workplace and personal pensions,/workplace-personal-pensions,"Includes automatic enrolment, lost pensions and planning for retirement",/working
+State pension,/state-pension,"Includes pension forecast, eligibility, claiming and deferring",/working
+"Redundancies, dismissals and disciplinaries",/redundancies-dismissals,"Includes solving a workplace dispute, calculating redundancy pay and dismissal",/working
+Teaching people to drive,/teaching-people-to-drive,"Becoming an instructor, applying for licences, booking tests and rules",/driving
+"Blue badges, parking, local travel and the environment",/blue-badges-parking,"Information about parking permits, fines and wheel clamping",/driving
+Car tax and tax discs,/car-tax-discs,"Getting and exchanging tax discs, tax rates, SORN and MOT certificates",/driving
+Driving licences,/driving-licences,"Includes getting a driving licence, fees and tracking your application",/driving
+Number plates and vehicle registration,/number-plate,"Includes selling your vehicle, personalised registration numbers and registering your vehicle",/driving
+Driving tests and learning to drive,/learning-to-drive,"Includes booking a test, changing and cancelling tests, rules and fees",/driving
+MOT and vehicle insurance,/mot-insurance,"Includes getting an MOT, MOT fees and vehicle insurance",/driving
+Driving and transport businesses,/businesses,"Includes setting up test stations, employing drivers and becoming a vehicle operator",/driving
+"Drivers of lorries, buses and goods vehicles",/drivers-lorries-buses,"Includes tests, health and safety, roadside checks and carrying loads",/driving
+Passports and travelling abroad,/passports-travelling-abroad,"Includes driving abroad, getting a passport, pet passports and taking goods into the UK",/driving
+Vehicle and boat safety,/vehicle-safety,"Includes disqualification, penalty points, vehicle recalls and registering boats",/driving
+Highway code,/highway-code,Includes road signs and rules for vehicles and cyclists,/driving
+Driving with a disability or a health condition,/disability-health-condition,Information about medical conditions that affect your ability to drive,/driving
+Safety and the environment in your community,/safety-environment,"Includes waste, rubbish and recycling, noise pollution and local emergencies ",/housing
+Local councils and services,/local-councils,"Includes running community events and projects, libraries and help in the community",/housing
+Being a landlord and renting out a room,/landlords,"Includes tenancy agreements, deposit schemes and eviction",/housing
+Council Tax,/council-tax,"Includes bands, arrears, appeals and Council Tax Benefit",/housing
+"Noise, neighbours, pets and pests",/noise-neighbours,Information about reporting problems to your local council,/housing
+Planning permission and building regulations,/planning-permission,"Applying for planning permission, conservation areas and planning decisions",/housing
+"Repossessions, emergency housing and evictions",/repossessions-evictions,"Includes evictions, emergency housing, repossession and squatters",/housing
+Owning and renting a property,/owning-renting-property,"Includes Stamp Duty, buying and selling, renting a property and mortgage help",/housing
+Council housing and housing association,/council-housing-association,"Applying for housing, home ownership schemes and sheltered housing",/housing
+"Recycling, rubbish, streets and roads",/recycling-rubbish,Information about reporting a problem with your local neighbourhood,/housing
+Heating and housing benefits,/heating,Includes winter fuel payment and cold weather payment,/benefits
+Jobseekers allowance and low income benefits,/jobseekers-allowance,Includes income support and disability Living Allowance,/benefits
+Child benefit,/child,"Eligibility and claiming, Child Benefit number, and when Child Benefit stops",/benefits
+Benefits entitlement,/entitlement,"When and how benefit payments are made, benefits adviser and benefit fraud",/benefits
+Tax credits,/tax-credits,"Includes working tax credit, child tax credit and when tax credits stop",/benefits
+Death and benefits,/bereavement,"Includes widowed parents allowance, bereavement payment, funeral payment",/benefits
+Benefits for families,/families,"Includes child trust funds, childcare and the sure start maternity grant",/benefits
+Disability benefits,/disability,"Includes disability living allowance, community care grants and Support Allowance",/benefits
+School life,/school-life,"Help with school costs, the curriculum and school attendance ",/education
+School admissions and transport to school,/school-admissions-transport,"Applying for a school place, home schooling and travel costs",/education
+How to find a course and understanding qualifications,/find-course,"Includes 14 to 19 education, higher and further education, further study and training",/education
+Student finance and loans,/student-finance,"Including loans, bursaries, grants, student finance and paying back loans",/education
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