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Remove old Section seeds to avoid overwriting them

This has been deployed now.

There's a secret UI for editing these and they are subject to change,
so let's not trash those changes on every deploy.
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1 parent b3220bf commit 5558516eab3c00e55fcc0f685675cfd650c46418 @jamiecobbett jamiecobbett committed Nov 12, 2012
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  1. +0 −8 db/seeds/tags.rb
8 db/seeds/tags.rb
@@ -6,11 +6,3 @@
TagRepository.put(:tag_id => 'businesslink', :title => 'Business Link', :tag_type => 'legacy_source')
TagRepository.put(:tag_id => 'directgov', :title => 'Directgov', :tag_type => 'legacy_source')
-TagRepository.put(tag_type: "section", tag_id: "disabilities", title: "Disabled people", description: "Includes your rights, benefits, carers and the Equality Act")
-parent = Tag.where(tag_id: "disabilities").first
-TagRepository.put(tag_type: "section", parent_id: parent.tag_id, tag_id: "disabilities/benefits", title: "Benefits and financial help", description: "Includes Disability Living Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance and Attendance Allowance")
-TagRepository.put(tag_type: "section", parent_id: parent.tag_id, tag_id: "disabilities/carers", title: "Carers", description: "Includes Carer's Allowance, disabled children and disability day care centres")
-TagRepository.put(tag_type: "section", parent_id: parent.tag_id, tag_id: "disabilities/rights", title: "Disability rights", description: "Disability rights under the Equality Act 2010")
-TagRepository.put(tag_type: "section", parent_id: parent.tag_id, tag_id: "disabilities/work", title: "Work and disabled people", description: "Includes recruitment and disabled people, reasonable adjustments at work and Access to Work")
-TagRepository.put(tag_type: "section", parent_id: parent.tag_id, tag_id: "disabilities/equipment", title: "Disability equipment and transport", description: "Includes Disabled Students Allowances, Blue Badge and disabled access")

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