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Remove this seed file as it is puting back sections that should not e…

…xist. Ask @mnowster for details
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@samjsharpe samjsharpe authored
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61 db/seeds/sections.rb
@@ -1,61 +0,0 @@
-# This file will be run on every deploy, so make sure the changes here are non-destructive
-####### Primary Sections ########
- {:id=>"business",
- :title=>"Business",
- :description=>
- "Information about starting up and running a business in the UK, including help if you're self employed or a sole trader."},
- {:id=>"crime-and-justice",
- :title=>"Crime and justice",
- :description=>
- "Simple information to help answer your questions on jury service, courts, sentencing, ASBOs and prisons."},
- {:id=>"driving",
- :title=>"Driving",
- :description=>
- "Book your driving test or get a tax disc online, find out the legal requirements for buying, owning, importing or scrapping a car or motorcycle, and read about your rights and responsibilities as a driver."},
- {:id=>"education",
- :title=>"Education",
- :description=>
- "Get help if you're at school, planning to go on to further or higher education, looking for training or interested in a student or career development loan."},
- {:id=>"family",
- :title=>"Family",
- :description=>
- "Find out about the laws for getting married/civil partnerships, the process of divorce and separation, parental leave, how to adopt a child, and more."},
- {:id=>"housing",
- :title=>"Housing",
- :description=>
- "Your legal obligations and rights when renting, buying or owning a home, plus information about Council Tax, what to do if you're homeless and where to get help if you have a housing dispute."},
- {:id=>"life-in-the-uk",
- :title=>"Life in the UK",
- :description=>
- "Becoming a British citizen, registering to vote, information about government and the monarchy in the UK, and how to raise an e-petition."},
- {:id=>"money-and-tax",
- :title=>"Money and tax",
- :description=>
- "Find out about pensions, benefits, and what to do if you have debts. Also includes a comprehensive section on tax, including how you pay it and which tax credits you're eligible for."},
- {:id=>"neighbourhoods",
- :title=>"Neighbourhoods",
- :description=>
- "Report local problems like abandoned vehicles, litter and noise pollution and find out information about your community."},
- {:id=>"travel",
- :title=>"Travel",
- :description=>
- "Plan a journey in the UK, see where you can use your bus pass and find out what you need to do before going abroad."},
- {:id=>"work",
- :title=>"Work",
- :description=>
- "Find out about your rights and responsibilities as an employee, the benefits that can help you get back into work, the National Minimum Wage and your holiday entitlement."},
-].each do |details|
- TagRepository.put(
- :tag_type => 'section',
- :tag_id => details[:id],
- :title => details[:title],
- :description => details[:description],
- :parent_id => nil
- )
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