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The GOV.UK content platform has been built with a focus on tools over content. That is manifest in the existence of numerous small applications that provide focussed solutions to specific user needs, or offer a suite of similar but distinct solutions; alongside the 'publisher/frontend' editorial tools there are apps like 'smart answers', 'planners', and so on.

To bring that all together as a single site a single interface was required to attach consistent metadata to the pieces, connect them together as 'related items' and generally have a complete overview of all the solutions/artefacts in the system. That's this app: Panopticon.


Panopticon provides:

  • an admin UI where items can be created and their metadata edited. This is authenticated in conjunction with sign-on-o-tron.
  • a writeable API where applications can register the content they provide. This is authenticated using OAuth2.
  • a read API for retrieving metadata about a given item

Importing organisation tags

Panopticon includes a Rake task to create tags for each organisation from the Whitehall app. To run this in the development environment, the production data source can be used, so that there is no need to have an up-to-date Whitehall database.

PLEK_SERVICE_WHITEHALL_ADMIN_URI= bundle exec rake organisations:import

Indexing artefacts in search

Panopticon includes observers which will index, update or delete records in the search index when an artefact is updated. It expects an instance of Rummager to be present.

Indexing is disabled by default in the development environment. To turn indexing on, set the UPDATE_SEARCH environment variable when starting Panopticon.

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