The Payments Public API in Java (Dropwizard)
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GOV.UK Pay Public API service in Java (Dropwizard)

Keystore setup for HTTPS outbound calls:

Following variables are needed in order to import the trusted certificates and public keys to a java keystore, which will be used for secure outbound HTTPS calls. Importing certs/keys are handled in This script assumes the infrastructure provids a trusted certificate file (CERT_FILE), a key (KEY_FILE) in a known directory (CERTS_DIR). Then the script creates a keystore (KEYSTORE_FILE) in a separate directory (KEYSTORE_DIR) and imports the certificate and key in to it.

Variable required Description
CERTS_DIR Yes The directory where the import script can find a trusted certificate and any public key
CERT_FILE Yes The name of the certificate file to import
KEY_FILE Yes The key file to import
KEYSTORE_DIR Yes The directory where the java keystore will be created
KEYSTORE_FILE Yes The name of the java keystore file

Rate limiter and Authorization filters setup

These are the variables related to Public API filters.

Variable required Description
RATE_LIMITER_VALUE No (Default 3) Number of requests (other than POST) allowed per time defined by RATE_LIMITER_PER_MILLIS
RATE_LIMITER_VALUE_POST No (Default 3) Number of POST requests allowed per time defined by RATE_LIMITER_PER_MILLIS
RATE_LIMITER_PER_MILLIS No (Default 1000) Rate limiter time window
TOKEN_API_HMAC_SECRET Yes Hmac secret to be used to validate that the given token is genuine (Api Key = Token + Hmac (Token, Secret)

For example:

$ ./ start
$ ./ mvn exec:java
(pay-publicapi log output)
(press CTRL+C to stop service)
$ ./ stop

API through is a hosted service that dynamically generates beautiful documentation and sandbox from a Swagger-compliant API. It also provides customized documentation, markdown editor, automatic API explorer, code sample Generation, custom styling and allows to add a custom domain.

Useful links:

API Specification

The API Specification provides more detail on the paths and operations including examples.

Path Method Description
/v1/payments POST creates a payment
/v1/payments/{paymentId} GET returns a payment by ID
/v1/payments/{paymentId}/cancel POST cancels a payment
/v1/payments/{paymentId}/events GET returns all audit events for the payment referred by this ID
/v1/payments GET search/filter payments
/v1/payments/{paymentId}/refunds GET returns a list of refunds for the payment
/v1/payments/{paymentId}/refunds POST creates a new refund for the payment
/v1/payments/{paymentId}/refunds/{refundId} GET returns a refund by ID
/v1/agreements POST create and agreement



MIT License

Responsible Disclosure

GOV.UK Pay aims to stay secure for everyone. If you are a security researcher and have discovered a security vulnerability in this code, we appreciate your help in disclosing it to us in a responsible manner. We will give appropriate credit to those reporting confirmed issues. Please e-mail with details of any issue you find, we aim to reply quickly.