Payments Public API Authentication Service
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Payments Public API Authentication Service

API Keys

Anatomy of an api key:

       TOKEN                          CHECKSUM
Item Definition
TOKEN randomly generated base 32 string, 130 bits entropy, variable length
CHECKSUM hmacSha1(TOKEN + TOKEN_API_HMAC_SECRET), base32 encoded. Always 32 characters long
TOKEN_API_HMAC_SECRET secret provided via application environment
TOKEN_DB_BCRYPT_SALT bcrypt salt provided via application environment
TOKEN_HASH bcrypt(TOKEN, TOKEN_DB_BCRYPT_SALT) - the value we actually store in the database

API KEY generation algorithm:

  1. TOKEN := 130 bit random number and encode to base32
  3. API_KEY := concat(TOKEN, CHECKSUM)
  5. store TOKEN_HASH in database
  6. return API_KEY

API KEY validation algorithm:

  1. API_KEY is provided as Authorization: Bearer someverylongstringandachecksum
  2. Extract API_KEY := someverylongstringandachecksum
  3. Split the string at a known character index based on the length of the sha1 suffix ie. TOKEN := someverylongstring ACTUAL_CHECKSUM := andachecksum
  4. verify that hmacsha1(concat(TOKEN, TOKEN_API_HMAC_SECRET)) == ACTUAL_CHECKSUM
  6. lookup TOKEN_HASH in database; return true iff found

Environment variables

DB_SSL_OPTION To turn TLS on this value must be set as “ssl=true”. Otherwise must be empty.
TOKEN_DB_BCRYPT_SALT Salt used for the hashing algorithm (bcrypt) to hash tokens before being stored in DB.
TOKEN_API_HMAC_SECRET HMAC secret to create the signature for the API Key.

Integration tests

To run the integration tests, the DOCKER_HOST and DOCKER_CERT_PATH environment variables must be set up correctly. On OS X the environment can be set up with:

    eval $(boot2docker shellinit)
    eval $(docker-machine env <virtual-machine-name>)

The command to run the integration tests is:

    mvn test

API Specification

The API Specification provides more detail on the paths and operations including examples.

Path Supported Methods Description
/v1/api/auth GET Look up the account ID for a token.
/v1/frontend/auth POST Generates a new dev token for a given account.
/v1/frontend/auth PUT Updates the description of an existing dev token.
/v1/frontend/auth/{account_id} GET Retrieves all generated tokens for this account that are not revoked.
/v1/frontend/auth/{account_id} DELETE Revokes the supplied dev token for this account.


MIT License

Responsible Disclosure

GOV.UK Pay aims to stay secure for everyone. If you are a security researcher and have discovered a security vulnerability in this code, we appreciate your help in disclosing it to us in a responsible manner. We will give appropriate credit to those reporting confirmed issues. Please e-mail with details of any issue you find, we aim to reply quickly.