Various bits of support code for the Performance Platform
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This repo contains useful code and information for collecting data and integrating with the Performance Platform.


We use the GitHub wiki attached to this repository for storing useful information like:

New dev setup

See also: https://github.gds/pages/gds/pp-manual/the-team/new-starters.html

First up, you'll probably need to be added to GitHub and to any relevant teams in order to get read and write access.


You can follow along with the README to get a new Mac set up.

Create a personal manifest in modules/people/ with your GitHub username, and make sure to include at least:

class people::your_username {
  # Not sure if these are required, but they (probably) can't hurt
  include vagrant_gem
  include vagrant-dns
  include vagrant-vbguest

  include teams::performance-platform

After completing the setup by running boxen, you should have everything you need to continue.


You'll now have a repo called pp-development checked out on your machine from GHE. Following the README in there will get your dev environment set up, including creating a VM with Vagrant.


In your backdrop repository, you should be able to ./ from inside your shiny new development VM. The repo README has more info.


In your spotlight repository, npm test will run some fun Node.js tests.

Getting real data into Spotlight might be something you should do at some point.