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issyl0 Move the alerts config yml files to within the `prom-ec2` module
- Before, users of our Prometheus for PaaS service defined their
  alerting rules in `app-ecs-services/config/alerts`. We thought,
  therefore, that to deploy them we had to deploy `app-ecs-services`
  because that was the edited filename. This was not the case, and
  caused much confusion.
- This commit moves the relevant files to the `prom-ec2` module, which
  is at least the same module as the project we have to deploy.
Latest commit 300664d Apr 4, 2019
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Failed to load latest commit information. Move the alerts config yml files to within the `prom-ec2` module Apr 4, 2019
registers-alerts.yml Move the alerts config yml files to within the `prom-ec2` module Apr 4, 2019

Example Alert

Below is an example alert that you can copy and rewrite to create your own alert. View the RE docs for more information on what to consider when writing alerts.

It alerts if the number of 5xx status codes exceeds 25% of total requests for 120 seconds (2 minutes) or more.

It is broken down into:

  • alert: The alert name, in the format TeamName_Problem.
  • expr: The PromQL query that queries for the data, followed by >= 0.25 defining the threshold of values.
  • for: Optional: The alert fires if the query is over threshold for this amount of time.
  • labels:
    • product: The team name or product for the team that this alert refers to. For example, "Observe" or "Prometheus".
  • annotations:
    • summary: Required: A summary of what the alert shows.
    • description: Required: A more detailed description of what the alert shows.
    • dashboard_url: Optional: A link to your team's dashboard (ie Grafana) to see trends for the alert.
    • runbook: Optional: A link to your team manual describing what to do about the alert.
    • logs: Optional: A link to your logs (ie Kibana URL).

In the annotations section, {{ $ }} refers to your team name, and {{ $labels.job }} refers to your app name.

- alert: Example_AppRequestsExcess5xx
  expr: sum by(app) (rate(requests{org="example-paas-org", space="example-paas-space", status_range="5xx"}[5m])) / sum by(app) (rate(requests{org="example-paas-org", space="example-paas-space"}[5m])) >= 0.25
  for: 120s
    product: "example-team-name"
    summary: "App {{ $ }} has too many 5xx errors"
    description: "App {{ $ }} has 5xx errors in excess of 25% of total requests"
    runbook: ""
    logs: "<example-stack-id>/app/kibana#/discover"
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