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The publishing tool for GOV.UK
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Publisher is the primary content design app for GOV.UK. It provides the user interface for entering all the key editorial formats and an API so other apps (primarily frontend) can access that data for display. It is intended to work in partnership with Panopticon which manages metadata, slugs, titles, etc.

Running in development

If you're just interested in running the Publisher locally, with a minimum of interaction with other apps, here's how.

Create a user

publisher$ script/console
>> User.create name: "Your name", email: "", uid:, version: 1

Run panopticon using rails s or similar

panopticon$ rails s -p 3001

Run the publisher app setting env variable to point at your panopticon instance

publisher$ PANOPTICON_URI="http://localhost:3001" bundle exec rails server

Local Transactions

There is no UI or automated process for importing the source data for local transactions.

The source data can be downloaded from

They can be imported using a rake task:

bundle exec rake local_transactions:import SOURCE=/path/to/local_authority_service_details.CSV


This application uses statsd-ruby to send metrics to statsd. If a statsd process isn't present on the server it won't matter as statsd-ruby sends metrics over UDP. If a statsd process is present then it'll send strings with the respective increment/decrement/gauge function to use.

Asset Manager

If your models include media assets such as images and video, you will need to run the asset-manager app alongside publisher.

See the asset-manager project for app-specific setup instructions.

Publisher needs an OAuth bearer token in order to authenticate with Asset Manager. By default, this is loaded from the PUBLISHER_ASSET_MANAGER_BEARER_TOKEN environment variable in config/initializers/gds_api.rb.

To obtain this bearer token, you should create an API user in the signonotron2 application. In the signonotron2 directory, run:

rake api_clients:create[publisher,,asset-manager,signin]

This will generate the bearer token you need.

Running the test suite

The test suite relies on the presence of the govuk-content-schemas repository. If it is present at the same directory level as the government-frontend repository then run the tests with:

bundle exec rake

Or to specify the location explicitly:

GOVUK_CONTENT_SCHEMAS_PATH=/some/dir/govuk-content-schemas bundle exec rake

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