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Commits on Jul 21, 2015
  1. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #405 from alphagov/remove_deprecated_fields

    boffbowsh authored
    Remove deprecated fields
  2. @jamiecobbett
  3. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #406 from alphagov/add_field_to_transaction_exporter

    boffbowsh authored
    Add an Edition's state to the local transaction export CSV
  4. @issyl0

    Add an Edition's state to the local transaction export CSV

    issyl0 authored
    - Duplicates were appearing in the output of this because it was
      checking all editions and not differentiating between published and
      archived editions. As per
      #398 (comment),
      display the `state` of an edition to guard against this confusion and
      provide opportunities for filtering.
Commits on Jul 20, 2015
  1. @jamiecobbett

    Use the organisation tagging, not the department field

    jamiecobbett authored
    The department field is being removed because:
    * we have the organisations tagging now, which is structured and formal
    * this field is labelled "Writing team" in Panopticon, so has all sorts of data
    in it, including the names of individuals
Commits on Jul 17, 2015
  1. @jamiecobbett

    Remove uses of business_proposition boolean

    jamiecobbett authored
    This was used for reporting to Google Analytics but that was stopped when we
    migrated to Universal Analytics a while ago.
  2. @rboulton

    Merge pull request #404 from alphagov/delete-nondeterministic-failing…

    rboulton authored
    Delete entire nondeterministic failing test
  3. @bishboria

    Delete entire test

    bishboria authored
    We have been unable to make this particular test run reliably in
    CI. See:
  4. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #403 from alphagov/desperate-measures-part-deux

    boffbowsh authored
    More nondeterministic test failure deletions
  5. @bishboria

    More nondeterministic test failure deletions

    bishboria authored
    Previous attempts:
  6. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #402 from alphagov/desperate-measures

    boffbowsh authored
    Delete nondeterministic test sections
  7. @bishboria

    Delete nondeterministic test sections

    bishboria authored
    The deleted areas of code seem to cause frequent test failures in CI
    which is blocking deploys. A lot of time has been spent trying to
    improve this already, and previous attempts have not worked (see 3a53f28)
  8. @rboulton

    Merge pull request #401 from alphagov/desperate-times

    rboulton authored
    Make integration tests more reliable
  9. @bishboria

    Make javascript tests more reliable

    bishboria authored
    CI test runs are too flaky.
Commits on Jul 16, 2015
  1. @jamiecobbett

    Merge pull request #398 from alphagov/rake_task_export_local_transact…

    jamiecobbett authored
    Add a rake task to generate a CSV of Local Transactions
  2. @rboulton

    Merge pull request #400 from alphagov/sortable-mainstream-browse-pages

    rboulton authored
    Arrange mainstream browse pages in prefered order
  3. @bishboria

    Arrange mainstream browse pages in correct order

    bishboria authored
    The list of tags is not orderable, but is shown during editing in the order that the tags were added. However, when the draft is saved and then re-displayed, the tags appear in alphabetical order. This has caused some confusion in the past amongst editors.
    Similar solution to: alphagov/policy-publisher#66
Commits on Jul 15, 2015
  1. @benilovj

    Merge pull request #397 from alphagov/cross-domain-tracking

    benilovj authored
    Let publishers self serve cross-domain analytics tracking
  2. @fofr @boffbowsh

    Add integration test for analytics profile

    fofr authored boffbowsh committed
  3. @fofr
  4. @fofr

    Add profile IDs to transaction editions

    fofr authored
    Migrate existing analytics profiles from frontend to non-archived
    transaction editions
    * Add profiles from
    * 1 new from
  5. @fofr

    Add analytics profile to transactions

    fofr authored
    Departments often want to track user journeys from transaction start
    pages through to their service. This will allow publishers to self
  6. @boffbowsh

    Merge pull request #399 from alphagov/licence-to-answer

    boffbowsh authored
    Add ability to change licence to answer edition
  7. @binaryberry

    Add ability to change licence to answer edition

    binaryberry authored
    Add button, integration test and govuk_content_model
    gem bump.
  8. @issyl0

    Add a rake task to generate a CSV of Local Transactions

    issyl0 authored
    - Generates a CSV of the form "slug","lgsl","lgil","title".
    - This might need to be done again in future, and across environments,
      hence the rake task.
Commits on Jul 13, 2015
  1. @KushalP

    Merge pull request #396 from alphagov/browse-tag-ordering-import

    KushalP authored
    Support ordering browse_page tags when importing
  2. @rboulton

    Support ordering browse_page tags when importing

    rboulton authored
    Add a third column to the CSV being used to import mainstream browse
    tags to indicate whether the tag should be applied as a "primary" tag
    (ie, at the start of the list of browse pages, so used for breadcrumbs
    on the page, or at the end of the list).
    Complain if we get any value other than "TRUE", "FALSE" or unspecified
    from this field, so we don't get confused when converting from the value
    in the CSV to a boolean.
  3. @alext

    Merge pull request #395 from alphagov/improve-edition-tagger

    alext authored
    Improve edition tagger
  4. @rboulton

    Republish after changing mainstream browse pages

    rboulton authored
    After content has been tagged with mainstream browse pages, we need to
    republish it to the publishing-api and to panopticon, so that search and
    other information is updated correctly.
    We republish whether we've made changes or not in this run, since a
    previous run might have made the changes to the publisher database, but
    then received errors when publishing.  Simply republishing always means
    we can handle such errors cleanly.
  5. @rboulton

    Update all non-archived editions

    rboulton authored
    If a document has no published edition, or the published edition was
    already tagged with the required page, editions in draft state were not
    also being updated.
    Fix this by fetching all non-archived editions, instead of just the
    published edition.
    Change the output messages to start with what action or error happened,
    so that it's easy to scan down the output for slugs which failed.
    Also, refactor to put the code which adds the tag into a private method
    instead of being inline, and to pass editions to the `import_error`
    reporting method so that both the slug and version number can be
Commits on Jul 9, 2015
  1. @tommyp

    Merge pull request #394 from alphagov/add_comment_about_area_codes

    tommyp authored
    Comment that the AREA_CODES list should stay in sync with Business Support API
  2. @issyl0
Commits on Jul 7, 2015
  1. @benilovj

    Merge pull request #393 from alphagov/fix-random-test-failures

    benilovj authored
    Fix random test failures
  2. @boffbowsh

    Using assert_selector makes Capybara wait

    boffbowsh authored
    This should fix the not-so-random test failures
  3. @benilovj

    Merge pull request #392 from alphagov/ruby-upgrade

    benilovj authored
    Upgrade to Ruby 2.1.6
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