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The publishing tool for GOV.UK

tag: release_11
== In the absence of reliable local transaction data feeds ==

There are a set of already cooked transaction feeds in the Dropbox/AlphaShare/data/betatransactions

open a Rails console and:

# Add headers to council_name_to_snac.csv agency_id,agency_name,snac
f ='council_name_to_snac.csv', 'r:Windows-1252:UTF-8')

f ='local_transactions.csv', 'r:Windows-1252:UTF-8')

== to make a new set of feeds ==

* grab the .xls from
  and extract the second sheet to a CSV, named 'service_list.csv'
* grab the CSV (which currently claims to be a .xls) from
  and save it as council_name_to_snac.csv
* grab the CSV from

run script/combine_lgd_data as follows:

./script/combine_lgd_data local_authority_service_details.csv service_list.csv council_name_to_snac.csv

This will create a file called 'local_transactions.csv'

== Running in development ==

If you're just interested in running the Publisher locally, with a minimum of interaction with other apps, here's how.

# Create a user

guides$ script/console
>> User.create :name => "Your name", :email => "", :uid =>, :version => 1

# Run panopticon using rackup or similar
panopticon$ rackup

# Run the guides app setting env variable to point at your panopticon instance
guides$ PANOPTICON_URI="http://localhost:9292" bundle exec rails server
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