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Technical documentation

This is a static site generated with Middleman.

Tech docs template

This project uses alphagov/tech-docs-template.


  • Ruby.
  • The middleman gem.

Making changes

To make changes, edit the source files in the source directory. To add a completely new page, create a file with a extension in the /source directory.

Whilst writing documentation we can run a middleman server to preview how the published version will look in the browser. After saving a change the preview in the browser will automatically refresh. Run bundle exec middleman server, then the website will be available locally at http://localhost:4567.

Building the project

Build the site with:

    bundle exec middleman build

This will create a bunch of static files in /build.


This is deployed automatically to the PaaS via the multi-tenant Concourse via the internal-apps pipeline in the tech-ops repo. (The Autom8 team is a good place to start with any questions).


MIT License

Pre-commit hooks

There are pre-commit hooks available to help when creating or editing markdown.

Install pre-commit and the vale linter:

brew install vale pre-commit
pre-commit install

The styles are copied from