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This repository has been archived by the owner on Mar 1, 2024. It is now read-only.


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Technical Documentation


The Reliability Engineering team no longer exists. This repo has been archived and the guidance herein is considered deprecated.

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What is this for?

This reliability-engineering repo is used to document Reliability Engineering things for an external audience, i.e. for non-Reliability Engineers. The content can be browsed HERE.

Getting started

To preview or build the website, we need to use the terminal.

Install Ruby with Rubygems, preferably with a Ruby version manager, and the Bundler gem.

In the application folder type the following to install the required gems:

bundle install

Making changes

To make changes edit the source files in the source folder.

Single page output

Although a single page of HTML is generated the markdown is spread across multiple files to make it easier to manage. They can be found in source/documentation.

A new markdown file isn't automatically included in the generated output. If we add a new markdown file at the location source/documentation/agile/, the following snippet in source/, includes it in the generated output.

<%= partial 'documentation/agile/scrum' %>

Including files manually like this lets us specify the position they appear in the page.

Multiple pages

To add a completely new page, create a file with a extension in the /source directory.

For example, source/ will be accessible on http://localhost:4567/about.html.


Whilst writing documentation we can run a middleman server to preview how the published version will look in the browser. After saving a change the preview in the browser will automatically refresh.

The preview is only available on our own computer. Others won't be able to access it if they are given the link.

Type the following to start the server:

bundle exec middleman server

There is currently an issue in the tech-docs-template gem when running middleman locally which may cause the website to hang. To see the preview locally use this command:

EXECJS_RUNTIME=Node bundle exec middleman server

If all goes well something like the following output will be displayed:

== The Middleman is loading
== LiveReload accepting connections from ws://
== View your site at "http://Laptop.local:4567", ""
== Inspect your site configuration at "http://Laptop.local:4567/__middleman", ""

You should now be able to view a live preview at http://localhost:4567.


If you want to publish the website without using a build script you may need to build the static HTML files.

Type the following to build the HTML:

bundle exec middleman build

This will create a build subfolder in the application folder which contains the HTML and asset files ready to be published.


Continuously deployed from master by the multi-tenant Concourse via the internal-apps pipeline in the tech-ops repo.


Unless stated otherwise, the codebase is released under the MIT License. This covers both the codebase and any sample code in the documentation.

The documentation is © Crown copyright and available under the terms of the Open Government 3.0 licence.