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Specifying the location of the Slimmer asset host

Set the SLIMMER_ASSET_HOST environment variable, e.g. SLIMMER_ASSET_HOST= bundle exec rackup. If you're using pow then you can set this environment variable in .powrc (which is gitignored).

Installing Solr

You can install solr using Homebrew on a Mac.

$ brew install solr

Starting Solr

Our solr config lives in alphagov-deployment and is currently configured to expect config files to live in /etc/solr and data to live in /var/solr. The simplest way to achieve this is to symlink them manually.

$ export ALPHAGOV_DEPLOY_PATH=/path/to/alphagov-deployment
$ sudo ln -s $ALPHAGOV_DEPLOY_PATH/alphagov-puppet/puppet/modules/solr/files/etc/solr /etc/solr
$ sudo ln -s $ALPHAGOV_DEPLOY_PATH/alphagov-puppet/puppet/modules/solr/files/var/solr /var/solr
$ solr $ALPHAGOV_DEPLOY_PATH/alphagov-puppet/puppet/modules/solr/files

Manually indexing documents

$ curl -v -XPOST -H"Content-Type: application/json" -d'{"title":"document title", "link":""}'
$ curl -v -XPOST -H"Content-Type: application/json"

Document format

  title: "TITLE",
  description: "DESCRIPTION",
  format: "NAME OF FORMAT",
  link: "http://URL OR /PATH",
  indexable_content: "TEXT",
  additional_links: [ // OPTIONAL
    {title: "LINK TITLE", link: "http://URL OR /PATH"},
    // more links ...
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