Tool to request, approve and create short URL redirects on GOV.UK
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Short URL manager

Publishing tool to request, approve and create Short URLs on GOV.UK.

Technical documentation

Short URLs are a short and easy to type URL that redirects to a piece of content at a much longer URL.

They are often used on posters, in leaflets or over the phone, so they are easy to use. For example:




Currently this tool allows departmental users to request redirects within the scope of their department, eg, under dwp above. Future versions may add workflow for requesting/managing top level Short URLs, eg, /ebola to /government/topical-events/ebola-government-response.


  • MongoDB - main data store
  • Redis - for distributed locking using mlanett/redis-lock
  • alphagov/gds-sso: Provides authentication OmniAuth adapter to allow apps to sign in via GOV.UK auth
  • alphagov/publishing-api: the central store of published content on GOV.UK. Once a redirect has been accepted, redirects are registered to this API.

Running the application

$ ./

If you are using the GDS development virtual machine then the application will be available on the host at

Running the test suite

$ bundle exec rake

Content Schema Validations

You will need a copy of govuk-content-schemas on your file system. By default these should be in a sibling directory to your project. Alternatively, you can specify their location with the GOVUK_CONTENT_SCHEMAS_PATH environment variable.


Users must be given Signon permissions to access and use the features of this tool. The available permissions are:

  • request_short_urls: Can complete a form to request a new Short URL, which must be approved before being made
  • manage_short_urls: Can approve requests for Short URLs, and create the redirects on GOV.UK
  • receive_notifications: Will receive email notifications when a new short URL is requested.
  • advanced_options: Can create and approve requests using advanced options (prefix type redirects, and non-default segments mode values).


MIT License