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  • 'Breadcrumb' trail is now populated from the artefact data. It adds the section and subsection.


Backwards-incompatible changes:

  • Artefact is expected to follow the format emitted by the Content API


Backwards-incompatible changes:

  • Artefact has to be explicitly passed to slimmer.
  • RelatedItemsInserter uses passed artefact instead of calling out to panopticon.
  • Slimmer now strips all X-Slimmer-* HTTP headers from the final response.

Other changes

  • new LogoClassInserter module - adds classes to the #wrapper element to control the appearence of the directgov and businesslink logos
  • Rounded Corners!!! (it is 2.0 after all)


  • Moved templates into slimmer rather than using separate static project
  • Added railtie so that slimmer can be dropped into a rails app without configuration
  • Began to write gasp tests!
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