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Smart Answers

Smart answers are a great tool for content designers to present complex information in a quick and simple way. Defining what they are – decision trees? calculators? tools? is immaterial – what they do is provide a reusable technical framework to build a quick and simple answer to a complex question.

Read more in Lisa Scott's GDS blog post.


Student Finance Forms screenshot

Live examples


  • Smart Answer: The flow, questions and outcomes.

  • Flow: Defines the questions, outcomes and the rules for navigating between them.

  • Landing page: Contains a description of the Smart Answer and the "Start now" button that leads to the first question.

  • Question page: Contains an individual question that's asked in order to help arrive at at an outcome.

  • Outcome page: Contains the result of the Smart Answer based on responses to individual questions.

Technical documentation

This is a Ruby on Rails application that contains:

  • A Rails application to serve Smart Answers
  • A DSL for creating Smart Answers
  • The Smart Answers that appear on GOV.UK

NOTE. This application doesn't use a database and as such it does not include the ActiveRecord Railtie in application.rb.


Running the application


Running the test suite

$ bundle exec rake

Smart Answers

Smart Answer flow development

Smart Answers app development


Registering on GOV.UK

  • bundle exec rake publishing_api:publish will send smart answers to the publishing-api.

Search indexing

Content is now indexed automatically via the publishing API


MIT License