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Merge pull request #1990 from alphagov/revert-1989-patch-31

Revert "Update calculate_state_pension.govspeak.erb"
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@jackscotti jackscotti authored
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app Implement QuestionPresenter#post_body
bin Add binstubs as advised by rails 4.2
config Avoid displaying 0000 in previous question responses
db Initial blank rails app.
doc Use DEPRECATED label for tests with nested contexts
lib Revert "Update calculate_state_pension.govspeak.erb"
log Initial blank rails app.
public Remove dangling symlinks
script Remove script to build ERB templates for landing pages from YAML
test Remove draft pay-leave-for-parents-adoption Smartdown flow
vendor Fix js errors in chrome 35
.gitignore Don't track coverage directory
.ruby-version Upgrade Ruby from 2.2.2 -> 2.2.3 Define contributing guide
Gemfile Generate a schema-valid content-item
Gemfile.lock Generate a schema-valid content-item Correct attribution of copyright Move section about testing
Rakefile Disable logging in test Initial blank rails app. Make executable Generate a schema-valid content-item Add Add a handy script to start up the app in development. Enable govspeak endpoints on Heroku by default

Smart Answers


Smart answers are a great tool for content designers to present complex information in a quick and simple way. Defining what they are – decision trees? calculators? tools? is immaterial – what they do is provide a reusable technical framework to build a quick and simple answer to a complex question.

Read more in a blog post.

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