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Smart Answers

Toolkit for building smart answers. Have a look at test/unit/flow_test.rb for example usage.

Flows are stored in lib/flows/*.rb. Corresponding text is in lib/flows/locales/*.yml.


The way that values are presented is badly factored. Values need to be formatted for presentation in two places:

  1. when displaying a collapsed question;
  2. when interpolating values into question text.

Values can come from two places:

  1. directly from a response (save_input_as);
  2. via a calculation.

To correctly present a multiple-choice response value, you need to know the question where it was posed. Other question types may also determine formatting/presentation rules on a per-question basis so it makes sense that it's determined at that point.

However, at present we don't remember which question gave rise to a saved input, so this formatting is impossible.

There are two (duplicated) implementations of formatting response labels:

  1. the node presenters, e.g. DateQuestionPresenter#response_label
  2. NodePresenter#value_for_interpolation

This is duplication and should be refactored out.

For now I don't think we ever need to interpolate in the responses of multiple choice questions, so I think we can avoid this issue by:

  1. determining formatting from the type of the value
  2. adding a money type

The AgeRelatedAllowanceChooser has been created to return the age-related personal allowance to assist with the calculation of married couple's allowance. However, the reduction of allowances that takes place in MarriedCoupleAllowanceCalculator applies to other tax calculations, as your personal allowance depends on both your age and income. So the AgeRelatedAllowanceChooser could be changed to a PersonalAllowanceCalculator and extended such that it takes all those factors into account and can be used across the system to calculate someone's personal allowance depending on their age, income, and if required, other factors: