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Fix a stupid typo

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1 parent afd975e commit 7f11977a93512d5be3c15be7e37c112bfa4c172e @samjsharpe samjsharpe committed Mar 11, 2013
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@@ -21,4 +21,5 @@ for server in $DEPLOY_TO; do
chmod 777 log
rsync -av --delete --exclude='.git' --exclude 'log/*' "$(pwd)/" "deploy@${server}":/opt/smokey
ssh deploy@${server} 'cd /opt/smokey && bundle install --path $HOME/.bundle/gems --deployment'
-done logger -p INFO -t jenkins "DEPLOYMENT: ${JOB_NAME} ${BUILD_NUMBER} (${BUILD_URL})"
+logger -p INFO -t jenkins "DEPLOYMENT: ${JOB_NAME} ${BUILD_NUMBER} (${BUILD_URL})"

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