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Smoke tests for GOV.UK

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Some fairly basic smoke tests that test the deployed versions of the single domain apps.

Running the tests

The tests will run against the preview environment by default. You can override that by setting the TARGET_PLATFORM environment variable.

You'll need to configure the http auth credentials by setting the AUTH_USERNAME and AUTH_PASSWORD environment variables.

TARGET_PLATFORM=preview AUTH_USERNAME=username AUTH_PASSWORD=password bundle exec rake test

Adding new tests

Tests that are supposed to be run by nagios also have to be added to the file modules/nagios/manifests/config.pp in the puppet repository. For example, the test features/apollo.feature is added to nagios like this:

nagios::check_feature {
  'check_apollo':          feature => 'apollo';
  #other feature tests

Prioritising scenarios

Each scenario can and should be prioritised by using the @urgent, @high, @normal or @low cucumber tags. For example, the frontend.feature scenario "check guides load" can be prioritised like this:

Scenario: check guides load
  When I visit "/getting-an-mot/overview"
  Then I should see "Getting an MOT"
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