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-# Git commit messages
+# Git style guide
+## Commit messages
Commit messages should contain:
@@ -11,7 +13,7 @@ Commit messages should contain:
* Leave a blank line before
* Hard-wrap lines at 72 characters
-## Example
+### Example
Taken from [Tim Pope’s guidelines](
@@ -36,3 +38,11 @@ Taken from [Tim Pope’s guidelines](
single space, with blank lines in between, but conventions vary here
- Use a hanging indent
+## Branching/merging conventions
+You may often choose to work on a particular feature on a "feature branch" rather than directly on `master`. Indeed, given how cheap branches are in Git, this is [positively encouraged](
+You are encouraged to make liberal use of Git's [history rewriting features]( while working locally, in order to arrange your commits into appropriate logical chunks that will make sense to your fellow developers. In particular, you may find `git rebase --interactive` very useful.
+When merging from a feature branch to master (or any other mainline development branch), in particular one that has previously been shared with colleagues, you should use `git merge`'s `--no-ff` option to preserve evidence of your feature branch in the repository history. This advice may be freely ignored for smaller local feature branches for which a fast-forward merge will look like any other routine development work on `master`.

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